We all need to do it!  It helps us to understand and help our children better. Need to book training? Click on the link below. Want some tips to help you complete your TDS or perhaps you would like to become an Advanced Carer? Click on the relevant links below..


Training Courses From NCC

Your training needs are now all in one place! You can now access training links and guidelines if you click on THIS LINK to the NCC Fostering and Adoption website.

For your face to face training needs,  you can view guidelines of how to set up an account, book a course, cancel a course plus links to view all courses.

There is information on E-Learning Courses.  You will need to request which course you'd like to do (a list is given on the above link) from your Supervising Social Worker who will request this for you. Jenny Waterhouse (jwaterhouse@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk) is the person that organises the courses.



During the first year of being a Carer you are expected to complete a TSD folder.  Need some hints and tips?

Advanced Carer

So you're an experienced carer and you're wondering what's next. For eligibility criteria and available support to progress to becoming an Advanced Carer...