Caring for Teenagers

Caring for teens brings it's own challenges. The NFCA have a support group which meet once a month to air your issues.  Please contact if you would like to attend or would like more details.


Special Guardianship Order (SGO)

If you are a Connected Carer or have gone long term with your foster child you may be encouraged by NCC to go to an SGO.  This means that there will be less social worker intervention and you will be able to make 'parenting decisions'.  There are drawbacks, however, in that you may not have priority access to the services you need, e.g. CAMHS and there will be financial implications.

Here are some documents which may help your decision.  Please also talk to lots of other carers about why they've made the decision they have to get a completely balanced view.  Attending the Kinship/SGO Support Group may be a help.