NFCA Values

Our Aim

We are a voluntary organisation of Foster Carers and Connected Persons who work directly for Northamptonshire County Council.  Our Mission is to support one another with help and advice and perhaps just an ear to listen.  No-one understands a Carer like another Carer.

As an organised body, we are also able to take our issues to NCC to seek help to resolve them.  We have representation on the Corporate Parenting Board and the Virtual School.

Monthly Meetings And Annual General Meeting

Everyone is invited!  You don't need to be a committee member to attend, we're a very relaxed and flexible organisation and welcome anyone along who wants to hear what's going on at NCC, or have their say, raise issues or be involved.

If you would like to know the type of things that are discussed please CLICK HERE for previous agenda points and minutes.

NFCA Members Meeting Dates 2019

The Committee - Who We Are

All our committee members give their time voluntarily.  We have an annual general meeting in June every year and any member is eligible to stand to be voted into the committee positions of 'Chair' 'Vice Chair' 'Treasurer' and 'Secretary'.  We are, however, a very inclusive organisation and any NFCA member (and if you're reading this, you are one!) is welcomed to come and have their equal say and voice opinions.  We always love to see new faces.


Claire Bagley


Hi I’m Claire and with my husband Jonathan we have been fostering since 2012.

We have had all sorts of children in and out but we now have decided to go for longer term placements to stabilise things. We have a long term boy who has been part of our family for 2.5 years.

In a previous life I was a primary school Deputy Head Teacher. When I met my (now) husband and was ready to downsize my career and work on my life balance…. We decided to look into fostering. We went to an open evening and that was that.

When I’m not with the children I enjoy reading and walking our mad dog Mutley. As well as the odd glass of something tasty.


Angela Bulmer

Vice Chair & Treasurer

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Jenny Harris

Vice Chair

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Our Constitution

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