Want to know what's going on? We run regular events for families throughout the year and some just for carers (and of course little ones are welcome too!)  We have a monthly members meeting to which everyone is invited and there are support groups too...

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Training &Progression

We all need to do it!  it helps us to understand and help our children. Find help with booking training. Also find some tips to help you complete your TDS or perhaps you would like to become an Advanced Carer

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Useful Contacts

Want to know who to call?  Need some email addresses?  Need a link to another organisation?

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Blank Forms & Policies

The boring but necessary stuff to help us do our reporting and understand what we and others should be doing and when..

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Help with your tax returns

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Help for the type of Carer you are.  Are you a Connected Carer or long term and considering an SGO? Do you have teens and are worried about their specific issues?  Would you like them to be more involved in their care? These and lots more issues...

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Northamptonshire Foster Carers Association

We are exactly what it says above; we are set up and run by carers to help and support other carers.  Whatever the type of carer you are, the age of your children or their particular needs, there is someone amongst us who knows exactly where you’re coming from!

If you’re an NCC carer then you are automatically part of the NFCA (Northamptonshire Foster Carers Association) and you will receive emails from us – if you don’t, email me  We also have a Facebook group to join which is a fantastic resource and, of course you can find plenty of information on the website. You can be as involved as much or as little as you like – but it would be great to see you!


What our Carers say:

“My family and friends offer great support but no-one understands my issues like another foster carer”

“Doing the job we do can feel incredibly isolating.  You feel like no-one is listening to your frustrations. Being part of a community of carers makes you realise you’re not alone”

“Going to the Support Groups and Social Events can feel a bit daunting if you don’t know anyone.  I put it off for months!  But I am so glad I did.  I met some lovely people who are now my friends”

Can't find what you need...??

The issues that a Carer has are very many and very varied.  We've tried to cover most things but there's bound to be something we've missed.  If you can't find it anywhere... drop us an email and if we don't know the answer we'll find someone who does..